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CHINA SCREW BARRELs manufacturer

    Product Category

  Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel  
Parallel Twin Screw-Barrel High surface area, low shear screw designs for efficient heat transfer...
  Conical Twin Screw & Barrel  
Professional customized Conical Twin Screw-Barrel designs matched specifically to the customer process requirements for optimal performance...
  Single Screw Barrel For
Injection Molding Machine
Professional Approved test,quality Built for Reliable,Long-Term Operation Bimetallic barrel for long life,Single Screw Barrel For Injection Molding Machine...
  Twin Screw Barrel For Extruder  
Twin /Single Screw Barrels For Extruder Machine,Heat Treatment,Nitriding Treatment,Electroplate Hard Chromium Coating,Spray Coating Hard Chromium Coating,Anticorrosion, wear Resistant Bimetallic Coating
  Assembly Parts  
Assembly Parts Of Screw & & Barrels, End cap, Flange, Adaptor, Cooling Ring, External & Internal spring nozzle for nylon...


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Screw barrel

We are professional Screw Barrel exporter and OEM in China. With 14 years efforts we have been provided with a full and scientific production control system, a trained a steady and professional staff team and self-contained factories. Year 2013 we exported various Screw Barrel 4 ,000 pieces (sets).

Let's become your partner, we will do the best for you!

Screw & Barrel Services

Injection and Extrusion Screws & Barrels


Screw & Barrel Services

Single Screw Extrusion


  • Custom Design Screws & Barrels
  • 1/2 inch to 18 inch Diameter

  • New Barrels with Bimetallic Liners
  • Common and Exotic Materials

  • Repair Broken Screws
  • Multiple Flight Configurations

  • Add Mixing Sections
  • Distributive and Dispersive Mixers

  • Rebuild/Replace Screws Tips/Valves
  • Hard Facing and Encapsulation

  • Add Partial Sleeve in Barrels


  • Reline Feed Section
  • Twin Screw Extrusion


  • Manufacture New Screws
  • Barrel Sections

  • Rebuild Screws with Hard Surfacing
  • Tangential Screws

  • Change Compression Ratio
  • Shafts for Interlocking Machines

  • Rebuild Flight Width


  • Hone Barrels to Next Uniform Size
  • Bi-Mettalic Barrels


  • Add Pressure Transducer Holes
  • Corrosion Resistant

  • On-Site Measurement and Inspection
  • Abrasive Resistant

  • One to Two Day Service on Urgent Requests
  • Wear Resistant

        Like Broken or Stuck Screws, etc.

  • Flanges


  • Vents


  • Injection Ports



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